Deployable SAR Integrated Chain with Unmanned Systems

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Definition of Interoperability for DARIUS

  1. Capability to control several heterogeneous unmanned platforms simultaneously.
  2. Capability to share the unmanned platforms between several user entities participating in the same operation.
  3. Access to the information collected by the unmanned systems by all the interested actors, including actors from different countries.
  4. Networking the unmanned systems in the same system of systems to enable the sharing, fusion and correlation of the information.
  5. Integration of the unmanned systems in the overall surveillance/information chain.
  6. Easy integration of the unmanned systems in various legacy C4I/Information chains


  DARIUS Project

Submitted under the 4th Security Call of the EC's 7th Framework Programme, DARIUS (Deployable SAR Integrated Chain with Unmanned Systems) aims at providing unmanned platforms for search and rescue operations. While everaging the results of these previous or on‐going projects, DARIUS will put effort on the aspects that have not or little been covered for the use of the unmanned systems in SAR operations, namely to enhance the interoperability performances at procedural and technical levels.

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